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Meraki Medicinal

High Potency Organic Black Seed Oil Limited Supply

High Potency Organic Black Seed Oil Limited Supply

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Organic and Cold-Pressed

An ancient remedy for skin and digestion issues reborn.  Black Seed Oil's extensive research proves it is the most powerful medicinal oil we have found in nature!  Majority of benefits come from the compound Thymoquinone found in the oil.  This is why we sourced some of the highest potency organic seeds in the world.  Carefully extracted by cold-pressing, and using Miron Glass' patented UV protective technology to sustain freshness, we have bottled one of the freshest sources of Black Seed Oil in the entire world.

Black Seed Oil research has shown a myriad of possible benefits!



-Combats Seasonal Allergies




-Promising Cancer Research




Be cautious if using in conjunction with Methylene Blue!  Both can act on the Serotonin system!

Do NOT mix with SSRI's or other pharmaceutical medications.  Seek a medical professional before trying anything new.

*We are not medical professionals and this is not to be taken as medical advice. 


Nuestro Azul de Metileno...

Es 100 % azul de metileno verificado en laboratorio de grado USP, en un frasco de 30 ml con un gotero de 1 ml. Probado para detectar metales pesados ​​e impurezas.

El azul de metileno apoya la función mitocondrial en una célula y ha demostrado mejorar:
> Estado de ánimo
> Enfoque
> Energía
> Memoria
Entre muchos otros beneficios.

> La mayoría de los usuarios comienzan con 1 a 3 mg al día y aumentan hasta 5 a 15 mg al día.

> Se recomienda tomar descansos diarios después de varias semanas de uso.

Instrucciones importantes

> El azul de metileno es solo para fines de investigación.
> Mantenga el azul de metileno alejado de los ojos.
> Consulte a su médico antes de probar algo nuevo.
> No mezclar con antidepresivos.
> No está destinado a personas que estén amamantando, embarazadas o menores de 18 años.
> Lave inmediatamente las superficies o la ropa en caso de derrame.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lau K
The only seed oil you should ever consume! SUBLIME , SENSATIONAL SEEDS !

I’ve been using seed oil now for about 6 months another brand - I was excited to get this one as know it will be of the highest quality and purest form ! If it was anything like the tallow and MB YOU KNOW ITS GONNA BE FIRE !

And it is ! You can taste the difference it’s strong but not in a bad way - it’s easy to dispense due to the pump - I started with 5-6 pumps per morning and have been cycling on and off - it definitely makes me feel more alive !

I feel like it has been a big part of my weight loss process- the fact I’ve not caught and flu or colds the weather in the uk is shocking everyone is sick ! It helps me with my gut health which is complicated and flares from time to time this definitely keeps my stomach settled - my scalp and skin problems sometimes randomly flair I have mixed this with coconut oil and used on this it soothes and also clears it .

My daughter is 8 and has a very active life - dancing and gymnastics she does get fatigued and often has lingering colds and coughs ( school germs ) however a few days of 2-3 pumps morning and night has cleared this !

I cannot recommend this and all of Vance’s products more highly ! It was a stroke of luck I found it via someone on Twitter ( Raf is an angel ) and tried the tallow and MB !

This now adds a different level of maximising your own health journey or recovery in my case as I was bed bound and without a hope just 18 months ago ! I decided to take back control and power and started to reassess everything I consume !

This is a staple now in our house for everyone ! We cycle it and we use it whenever we feel like we’re about to come down with something! Also I think it helps allergies because this summer I have non - could be a combination of this and a clean diet !

Hopefully my mum and dad see the light and I can get them hooked too however she uses the tallow and loves the bags she has them all !!!! So she’s repping meraki in the uk to the over 64’s

The delivery is great and Riley is always on hand for any questions too ! Amazing customer service and sublime products! 20/10 will buy , will recommend- will continue to use 4 life so don’t ever go anywhere pls !!!


I didn't expect this black seed oil to be the best I ever had. amazing for my knees. feeling awesome thnx



Amazing products!!!

My whole family uses all three products!!!
Balm is fantastic!!! I’ve quit using all face products only use balm. Dark circles are gone, face is smooths lines are minimal, very smooth skin and neck. Black seed oil is great!!! Hair falling out and I wear wigs. After 2 months my hair is growing back!!! Blu we take every morning and skip weekends. Amazing product my moods and daughter in law’s mental issues are under control. This is amazing for menopause.
FYI I am 59, daughter in law 30 and son uses all as well!!! Highly recommend all these products.


Made my skin clear up