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Meraki Medicinal

100% Cotton Meraki Drawstring Bag

100% Cotton Meraki Drawstring Bag

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Organic and Cold-Pressed

An ancient remedy for skin and digestion issues reborn.  Black Seed Oil's extensive research proves it is the most powerful medicinal oil we have found in nature!  Majority of benefits come from the compound Thymoquinone found in the oil.  This is why we sourced some of the highest potency organic seeds in the world.  Carefully extracted by cold-pressing, and using Miron Glass' patented UV protective technology to sustain freshness, we have bottled one of the freshest sources of Black Seed Oil in the entire world.

Black Seed Oil research has shown a myriad of possible benefits!



-Combats Seasonal Allergies




-Promising Cancer Research




Be cautious if using in conjunction with Methylene Blue!  Both can act on the Serotonin system!

Do NOT mix with SSRI's or other pharmaceutical medications.  Seek a medical professional before trying anything new.

*We are not medical professionals and this is not to be taken as medical advice. 


Our Methylene Blue...

Is 100% USP Grade Lab Verified Methylene Blue, in a 30 ml bottle with a 1 ml dropper. Tested for heavy metals and impurities.

Methylene blue supports the mitochondrial function in a cell, and has shown to improve:
> Mood
> Focus
> Energy
> Memory
Amongst many other benefits.

> Most users start with 1-3 mg daily and work up to 5-15 mg daily.

> Recommended to take daily breaks after multiple weeks of use

Important Instructions

> Methylene Blue is for research purposes only.
> Keep Methylene Blue away from eyes.
> Ask your doctor before trying anything new.
> Not to be mixed with antidepressants.
> Not intended for anyone nursing, pregnant, or under the age of 18.
> Immediately wash surfaces or clothing if spilled.

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