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El azul de metileno es un compuesto extraordinario que recientemente ha explotado en el espacio de la optimización de la salud.

Aunque existen 18.000 estudios al respecto y está aprobado por la FDA para usos específicos, en gran medida se pasa por alto.

El Azul de Metileno actúa como un poderoso antioxidante, particularmente para las mitocondrias, mejorando la producción de energía a nivel celular.

Tiene propiedades neuroprotectoras, potencial antienvejecimiento, ayuda con la ansiedad y el estrés, y mejora la concentración y la memoria...

En pocas palabras: perfecto para cualquiera que busque mejorar su vida con una solución natural.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Toni Glover
Great product. Vance was so nice to deal with.

I.hope in the future Vance puts two or three pack of tallow cream with methylene blue in it as a bundle.

Sherry Rock
New MB user

I’m still reviewing and using 7 drops daily every few days. Studies show promise with use. I’m interested in using good products especially as I get older to help with immunity and aging and illnesses we acquire as we age. I feel I can’t go wrong to use this product and love the great and prompt feedback from this company to questions I have. As I use dr. Christopher’s products to cure and treat my asthma and issues with varied blood pressure, I’m looking forward to adding Mb for issues of immunity, metabolism, and mental clarity and will better be able to state how this product affects my well-being with continued use in the future. I look forward to seeing others reviews


I enjoy your product for the most part although I noticed If I take too much at once or too many days in a row it gives me the slightest bit of nausea and lightheadedness. Besides that I enjoy the mental clarity and speed it gives me throughout the day.


MB is a freaking cheat code

Arturo Setim

Meraki Blu USP Grade Methylene Blue 150mg

Prometemos que funciona.

Con más de 18.000 estudios realizados, se ha demostrado que el compuesto de Meraki Blu funciona.


El azul de metileno puede aliviar los síntomas depresivos graves.

Enlace de estudio


Mejora la función celular y repara las células dañadas por el envejecimiento.

Enlace de estudio

Enfermedad neurodegenerativa

Puede combatir y aliviar los síntomas de enfermedades neurodegenerativas.

Enlace de estudio

Crecimiento neuronal

Ayuda a proteger y regular positivamente el crecimiento neuronal.

Enlace de estudio
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Disclaimer: We’re not medical professionals (this is not medical advice). but here are some generally asked questions. If you’re still stuck, be sure to reach out!

Is your Methylene Blue safe?

Yes, our methylene blue is USP-grade lab tested and clear of any junk. We place a lot of importance on the purity of our products and the quality of our ingredients.

How long does shipping take?

We understand how fast you receive your Meraki is important. This is we always ship within 24 hours. Standard shipping takes 3-7 days and express takes 2 days. The duration of international shipping varies.

Is Methylene Blue FDA-approved?

No, as of now it is approved for research purposes only. The compound has been thoroughly researched in over 18,000 studies.

Do you have a risk-free guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not feel our products helped in any way, email us.

How much Methylene Blue should I start with?

Studies show doses between 5mg-15mg are effective for the antioxidant properties of MB and 90% of people report 5mg to be their go to dose. That’s just 20 drops from our tincture! We recommend starting with 5-10 drops first.

Do you have to put it on your tongue?

No! Methylene Blue will temporarily stain anything it touches and some don’t want a blue mouth for their day. You can mix MB with water or even a juice (OJ works best to reduce the blue color) and still get the same benefits!

What should I expect using Methylene Blue?

Most notice an increase in energy, focus, and mood almost immediately after trying. A sense of well-being is an easy way to explain the feeling! If you don’t get this feeling right away that is okay as well! Some people start to notice effects after a few days or when they increase the amount of drops.

Does Methylene Blue break a fast?

No and it actually speeds up the effects of a fast! Mitophagy is sped up by combining MB and fasting.

“I feel a little run down after my first dose.”

Methylene Blue is very antipathogenic! When you introduce it into your system at first you can have what is known as Herxheimer effect. This is due to MB killing off any pathogens in the body. If you suspect you’re having a Herxheimer reaction, stop taking MB for a few days, drink plenty of fluids, and try a smaller dose!

Did Methylene Blue make my pee green?

Yes! This is normal. It will vary from day to day depending on the dose, hydration levels, and micronutrients in your food intake. Please don’t send us pictures, we have seen enough.